Djokovic leading new era of men’s tennis

Novak Djokovic who is currently ranked as the greatest player in the world, prepares to begin his campaign to secure his fourth straight Grand slam victory to become the first man for 43 years to hold all four grand slam victories at the same time, which would be achieved within a fortnight at the Roland Garros Stadium in Paris. The success of Djokovic has been pretty impressive as he has hit the peak of performance over the alst two years which included an astonishing forty three game unbeaten run before losing to roger Federer at the French open semi-final in 2011.

There is little doubt that the Sebian is the hottest property in tennis at the moment and on electric form on the court.  The Serbian has caused a growing belief that he has become the leader of a new era in men’s tennis as he has now beaten Rafa Nadal seven times in a row when securing his Australian open. This run will now be tested as the Spaniards success in Paris is unrivalled as he searches for his seventh victory here. Djokovic has much to do to secure this heroic victory.

The world number one remains confident of his ability to secure his fourth consecutive grand slam believing: “My mindset is always positive and I’m always expecting from myself a lot.” The Serbian has piled pressure on himself a number of times in his career and has always seemed to lift himself to the big occasion. The question that remains is can he do it again on his most hated court type against Nadal who appears unbeatable when it comes to the French Open? Whatever happens it should prove an exciting tournament for the fans.