John McEnroe reckons Novak Djokovic would completely rule the world tennis

John McEnroe reckons Novak Djokovic would completely rule the world tennis at least for the coming two seasons and he might end up clinching 5 to 6 slam titles in that duration.

Djokovic has been the most dangerous player on the tour of late. He has emerged the winner in the two slams in 2015. He was pretty close in the third one as well i.e. the French Open, but, he got beaten in the final.

According to McEnroe, the dominating run of the Serbian is only going to continue.

In his conversation to a website, McEnroe said, “If I have to pick five best male tennis players till date, I would definitely include Novak in that.”

“Novak might not have as many slams to his name as somebody like Roger has, but, his game is always improving and mind you, the age is on his side. He is at a stage, where I believe, he is at his peak and it’s extremely tough for anyone to catch him right now. He just has to remain in good condition of health. ”

“You see he’s got that number to 12 already and I would not be surprised if in two years’ time, he gets close to the guys who are right at the top as far as winning slams is concerned” Read more »

Novak Djokovic reckons he has never played better than how he is playing right now

Novak Djokovic reckons he has never played better than how he is playing right now and he has the real possibility to complete a career Grand Slam this year at Roland Garros.

Djokovic has won all the three Slams apart from the French Open.

The best that he has done in the French Open is reaching the finals.

Last year too, he was in the title round, but, only to be toppled by the king, Rafael Nadal who achieved glory for the nth time on the French soil.

Nadal’s current form, though, does not guarantee that he would be able to continue his golden run in Paris. He is, of course, one of the favourites again because of his past records and his skills on clay, but, he is not the hot favourite.

It should not be that surprising if somebody manages to breach Nadal’s fortress this time around and that guy might well be Djokovic.

Speaking in an interview, the Serb said, “I believe my game is at the topmost level at the moment and now, it’s up to me to ensure that I make the most of it and win whatever I have not managed to win so far.” Read more »

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Novak Djokovic is most consistent in Male Category

There hasn’t been a player more consistent than Novak Djokovic in the male’s category over the last two years.

The Serb has won tournaments after tournaments and has almost stamped his authority on that World no. 1 ranking at the moment.

And, this is such an era when some of the greats of the game are playing together.

The Likes of Fed, Rafa or even Murray, each one of them will be remembered as all time greats by the coming generations.

To be playing alongside them and then, to keep winning so many trophies regularly, you have to have something special about you for sure.

But, according to Djokovic, there is nothing so special in his game or in his personality. It’s just his dedication and his willingness to be there at the top all the time which helps him.

Speaking after his Miami title win, Djokovic said, “To achieve consistency at this level, you have to keep improving and keep getting better at your game. The more amount of time you put in behind the scenes trying to refine your skills, the better it makes you as a player.”

“The level of competition is immense in the modern era and I actually take it as a positive. If there are guys who push you, you tend to train all that harder knowing the fact that you would be found wanting otherwise.” Read more »

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