Serbian Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has said that becoming the no. 1 tennis player in the world gave him immense satisfaction. He said that it was not easy to become the top ranked tennis player in the world. He revealed that he had seen the dream of becoming world’s no. 1 way back when he was just 4 years of age. According to Djokovic, he is playing in such a period which is dominated by the two legends of the game i.e. Roger Federer and Rafel Nadal.

Djokovic said that at one point of time, people had started thinking that it is literally impossible to remove Roger Federer from the no. 1 spot. But, Rafel Nadal did that. And when Nadal reached at the no. 1 position, people said that he would stay there for years. As per Djokovic, to become the no. 1 player in the playing era of Federer and Nadal was very hard. Djokovic said that earlier he used to think that it is impossible to win a tournament in which Federer or Nadal is playing. But, one day, he thought that he would have to go through Federer and Nadal anyhow if he had to become the no. 1 player in the world. He said that since that day, there had been a lot of change in his attitude and he started thinking differently.

Djokovic said that to reach at a position where he is now, he had to change his lifestyle completely. He said that he didn’t use to take care of his diet in his younger days. But, as he grew up, he started taking food according to the advice of the nutritionist. He said that he has also worked pretty hard on his fitness. According to Djokovic, to remain fit is necessary for a player.