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The former German player Boris Becker is the new coach of Novak Djokovic. He has taken over from Marian Vajda who had been coaching the Serbian player since the last 7 years.

A few weeks back, Djokovic was replaced as the no. 1 player in the world by the Spanish superstar Rafael Nadal and he is really disappointed about it. He wants to get at the top of the World rankings again and to get there soon, he has secured the services of Becker.

Becker has been considered as one of the greatest players produced by Germany ever. He won a total of 49 singles title in his career out of which 6 were the Grand Slams. He retired from the game in 1999.

However, Djokovic has made it quite clear that he is not going to part ways with Vajda. He will remain a part of his team.

Talking to the reporters after the appointment of Becker as his new coach, Djokovic said, “Boris has been a great player himself. He has got immense knowledge of the game and spending time with him is definitely going to help me.”

“Marian will remain there. He along with Boris will form a fantastic combination. I am sure these two guys are going to help me claim a lot of titles in future.”

When asked about his goals for the next season, the Serbian superstar said, “All I want is to play some consistent tennis and keep my body in good shape for the big tournaments i.e. the Grand Slams. Your performance in the Grand Slams matter the most.”

Djokovic has also won as many Grand Slam singles title as his newly appointed coach i.e. six. Out of those six, four have been the Australian Open titles.