Tennis star Novak Djokovic has revealed his next moves after an underwhelming 2017.0

The 12-time major winner called time on the rest of the season during the Wimbledon event quarter final game against Tomas Berdych.

It has been a very eventful few years for the former World No. 1 and it has not been an easy ride keeping up. After a brilliant career run, Djokovic got married, had his first child and since retiring for the rest of the year he has had a second child. The player admitted that being a father shifted his perspective on life. However, he maintains that his ambition and drive remain full.

After resting for the year, Djokovic is expected to return to the court at the Australian Open 2018. There are no indications yet if he could feature at the Brisbane International of at the Hopman Cup.

“It’s a completely a different stage of my life right now to what it was five years ago,” Djokovic said recently.

His team has confirmed that Andre Agassi would remain his coach into the new season. Agassi joined in May, just before the French Open and they worked together for two months before his elbow injury shut him off for the rest of the year. There were doubts that the pair would keep working together hence the confirmation to kill such rumours.

Agassi is expected to help repair Djokovic’s form, his morale and perspective. Djokovic would also rely on him a lot in the coming year when he battles the Big Four. Staying healthy and fit is crucial as 30-year old as he enters a crucial stage of his career.