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Tennis star Novak Djokovic has revealed his next moves after an underwhelming 2017.0

The 12-time major winner called time on the rest of the season during the Wimbledon event quarter final game against Tomas Berdych.

It has been a very eventful few years for the former World No. 1 and it has not been an easy ride keeping up. After a brilliant career run, Djokovic got married, had his first child and since retiring for the rest of the year he has had a second child. The player admitted that being a father shifted his perspective on life. However, he maintains that his ambition and drive remain full.

After resting for the year, Djokovic is expected to return to the court at the Australian Open 2018. There are no indications yet if he could feature at the Brisbane International of at the Hopman Cup. Read more »


There is something off about Novak Djokovic. Yes, he is pushing the whole idea of family life and other things taking the front seat but he is increasingly giving many doubts about his recent work ethics.

It is amazing how the same star that enjoyed a brilliant run and ended up lifting the French Open last year is now somewhat a shadow of himself.

His recent meeting with David Goffin at the quarter final stage of the Monte Carlo Masters raises even more questions. Djokovic was doing many things wrong when they clashed. His trademark calmness was on holiday, and when it mattered as they both fought to win the third set, he was hit with time violation and he made a forehand error. Goffin eventually prevailed 6-2, 3-6, 7-5. Many might not appreciate Goffin’s terrific tennis as they would acknowledge something off with Djokovic. Read more »


The event opening in Acapulco will see Novak Djokovic, current World No. 2 start the 2017 season on a fresh note and he has noted that he remains very much motivated ahead of the game.

Accepting the wild card offered on Friday by the organizers, the tennis star arrived the Mexican city on Sunday and has no more than 48 hours to get acquainted to the new time zone and very hot climate of the city.

Monday saw Djokovic practice on the Central Court at 14:00 in the South American city when the temperature was at about 36C. Speaking at a press conference after his training, he noted that it was a quite difficult training session for him.

“It was a difficult training session for me. Hopefully playing at night will be more pleasant, because it’s very difficult to play when it’s hot. I will have to get used to a place where I have never been to.” Read more »


Novak Djokovic announced his split from Boris Becker on Tuesday evening, via a statement on both his website and his Facebook page.

He recounted that “the goals we set when we started working together have been completely fulfilled, and I want to thank him for the cooperation, teamwork, dedication and commitment.”

Initially Becker’s response seemed calculated with a tweet thanking the Serbian with his crowning achievement this year in winning Roland Garros for the first time, and thus completing a career slam.

Becker later on disclosed that coaching the 12-time grand-slam champion had become more challenging. He blamed their split on claims that Djokovic had not been practicing hard enough over the past six months. Becker also lamented that after achieving his goal of winning the French Open, Djokovic’s focus seemed to have wavered.

The Serbian star and coach ended a three years partnership that produced six grand-slam titles. Under Becker’s watch, Djokovic doubled his tally of majors to 12, while victory in this year’s French Open saw the 29-year-old complete a career Grand Slam and hold all four of his sport’s premier singles titles at once.

Unfortunately, Djokovic lost form in the last six month yielding the ATP singles top ranking to Andy Murray. Speaking to Sky Sports on their split, Becker explained the reason for the split. Read more »

Novak Djokovic In The News

If you are wondering whether it was predictable that Novak would have won the French Open from the beginning, it is hard to say.

The win was not predictable from the beginning. The grounds had been gray, cold and muted from the beginning of the tournament. Federer opted out of the tournament as he suffered an injury. The withdrawal of Nadal was also a sudden change in the tournament, which might also be seen that it led the way for Murray and Novak to meet in the finals.

The tournament itself had an uncertain beginning. The weather being cold and gray did not help to attract people to the stands during the games. As Roger Federer opted out for an injury, there was one less glamorous name associated with the tournament this time. The other disappointment was Nadal has to pull out of the tournament for a wrist injury he sustained. As Nadal had emerged in top form in the recent matches, many were looking forward to a possible clash between Nadal and Novak. The rains also ruined the schedule of the games which delayed and postponed most of the matches. Read more »

John McEnroe reckons Novak Djokovic would completely rule the world tennis

John McEnroe reckons Novak Djokovic would completely rule the world tennis at least for the coming two seasons and he might end up clinching 5 to 6 slam titles in that duration.

Djokovic has been the most dangerous player on the tour of late. He has emerged the winner in the two slams in 2015. He was pretty close in the third one as well i.e. the French Open, but, he got beaten in the final.

According to McEnroe, the dominating run of the Serbian is only going to continue.

In his conversation to a website, McEnroe said, “If I have to pick five best male tennis players till date, I would definitely include Novak in that.”

“Novak might not have as many slams to his name as somebody like Roger has, but, his game is always improving and mind you, the age is on his side. He is at a stage, where I believe, he is at his peak and it’s extremely tough for anyone to catch him right now. He just has to remain in good condition of health. ”

“You see he’s got that number to 12 already and I would not be surprised if in two years’ time, he gets close to the guys who are right at the top as far as winning slams is concerned” Read more »