Novak Djokovic In The News

If you are wondering whether it was predictable that Novak would have won the French Open from the beginning, it is hard to say.

The win was not predictable from the beginning. The grounds had been gray, cold and muted from the beginning of the tournament. Federer opted out of the tournament as he suffered an injury. The withdrawal of Nadal was also a sudden change in the tournament, which might also be seen that it led the way for Murray and Novak to meet in the finals.

The tournament itself had an uncertain beginning. The weather being cold and gray did not help to attract people to the stands during the games. As Roger Federer opted out for an injury, there was one less glamorous name associated with the tournament this time. The other disappointment was Nadal has to pull out of the tournament for a wrist injury he sustained. As Nadal had emerged in top form in the recent matches, many were looking forward to a possible clash between Nadal and Novak. The rains also ruined the schedule of the games which delayed and postponed most of the matches.

In such a messy situation many players were disappointed to have to play even when the rains were on. There were countless times when rackets flew out of hand. Djokovic himself was near to being disqualified as he threw a racket in frustration and it bounced quite close to a line judge. However, Novak held on as is his style. Though others were bounced about, like Murray wins over Richard Gasquet to reach the finals, the final game was fated to be between Murray and Novak and that is what took place. The final game was a memorable one and as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well.